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amarok package review and RFS (II) [antlr] need help for debian/watch syntax architecture detection Bashisms and Dashisms... Re: Bug#234942: tipa: /var/lib/dpkg/info/tipa.prerm Re: Bug#271640: gtklp fails to start gtklpq commenting out lines debian-mentors debuild: producing diff.gz and signing issues emailrelay looking for a sponsor Gnu Gadu 2 packages haydn issues/login help on wmdonkeymon debian package Help: Packaging Error Re: How to remove ITP from ink and libinklevel Re: irda-utils: howto dist-upgrade when package name has changed? [YÖRE-VIRUS] Gelen İletide Virüs Tespit Edildi / Virus Detected ITA: CCE (Console/X11 CJK Environment) Re: Lintian warnings questions Looking for advice on dpkg-diverted files looking for a sponsor (emailrelay) Re: LSongs and MP3 (Was: How to remove ITP from Messaggio cancellato name for a library Need a sponsor Need sponsor for gcin, a new chinese input method for X Nepalifonts deb package needs a sponsor Packaging xmountains... Please Sponsor Us Problems with Provides/Replaces/Conflicts request a mentor request removal of vips7.8 and nip from retriggering the building of a package on all archs RFC capisuite and sfftobmp RFS: ascii -- Prints aliases and tables for an ASCII character RFS: basket -- an universal drag & drop receiver for KDE RFS: blam - a RSS aggregator for GNOME RFS: cvs-syncmail and others... RFS: cxprolog Re: RFS: dmalloc RFS: docbook-to-man RFS: elza -- Script language for automating HTTP requests RFS: fityk - general-purpose nonlinear curve fitting and data analysis RFS: GTorrentViewer - a BitTorrent MetaFiles viewer/editor. RFS: habak - utility for creating multi-layered backgrounds in X11 RFS: helix-player RFS: heyu2 -- Control the X10 CM11A home automation system over a serial port RFS: hibernate RFS: irrtoolset and/or flare RFS: kall - Dial the telephonnumbers in your KDE address book RFS: kernel-patch-ck - Set of patches to improve system responsiveness RFS: kubication -- KDE network configuration selector RFS: libao-ruby RFS: libfilesys-diskfree-perl RFS -- libgeo-coordinates-vandh-perl -- Convert and Manipulate telco V and H coordinates in perl RFS: libnet-socks-perl -- Perl module providing an API to communicate with SOCKS servers RFS: Liferea RFS: mkat - transparent CLI frontend to burn, catalog data and audio CDs Re: RFS: mkat - transparent CLI frontend to burn, catalog data and audio CDs RFS: mp3splt/mp3wrap - tools for splitting and "wrapping" audio files RFS: pharmacy -- Frontend for CVS RFS: pharmacy - GNOME CVS Frontend RFS: portaudio RFS: qtorrent - PyQT BitTorrent client RFS: qtorrent - PyQT client for the BitTorrent network RFS: regexx - C++ wrapper to the GNU regex functions RFS schoolbell - A calenaring server for schools RFS: selectwm - Select a window manager at X startup RFS: skijump - small and funny game about ski jumping RFS: spampd - a SpamAssassin based SMTP/LMTP scanning proxy daemon Re: RFS: streamline RFS: stress RFS: Supybot RFS: viewglob -- A graphical display of directories referenced at the shell prompt Re: RFS: viewglob [revised] RFS: wmbluecpu [RFS] xfce4-goodies RFS: xmame - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator RFS: xmms-find - external search plugin for xmms Re: Richiesta di uno sponsor Round 2, RFS schoolbell - A calendaring server for schools seek for advice of package regexx Sponsor needed Sponsor needed for wmdonkeymon still need a sponsor Suggestions On Getting A Sponsor tla-buildpackage from cvs To Hope's Shop Customers! To Small's Shop Customers! UNSUBSCRIBE Upgrade version of lostirc and pharmacy, need support The last update was on 17:05 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 241 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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