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name for a library

Good day,

While re-organizing a library I started thinking about what a good
name for the library source distribution would be. Let me explain
what I mean by "good". I am using debian and had packaged a few
libraries for private use. I also think that debian's library
packaging policy is very well thought out. So by "good" I mean that it
should be conceptually coherent and streamlined with the way libraries
are handled in debian.

Suppose I have a "library core name" `foo'. The end product will be
say `/usr/lib/libfoo.so.1.2'. So what should I name my source distribution?
Before I would name the top level directory just `foo' then, when releasing,
it will become `foo-1.2.3' and packaged as `foo-1.2.3.tar.bz2'. This will
turn into two debian packages `libfoo1.2' and `libfoo1.2-dev'.

But I kind of like this `lib' prefix so I thought why don't I name the
top-level directory `libfoo' (I don't like `libfoo1.2.3', though). At
the same time if libfoo happened to have a directory in /usr/include
I would like it to be /usr/include/foo not /usr/include/libfoo. This
seems like a good idea to me but I would love to heard your comments
or suggestions on this.

thank you for your time,

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