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Sponsor needed


I'm looking for a sponsor for the following package. I am the author and
packager. I have read the Debian Social Contract and the DFSG and agree
to both. Below is a clip from the control file in this package. I wrote
this application because I was not able to find anything in the debian
archives that would do what this does. It is now at an advanced enough
stage of development that I feel it is ready to offer to other debian
users. I have successfully installed this package on my two systems: a
Pentium III Dell laptop and an Apple Cube G4.

Package: webquery
Architecture: any
Depends: apache2 (>= 2.0), mysql-server (>= 4.0), python (>= 2.3),
python-mysqldb (>=0.9.2), python-htmlgen, www-browser Version: 0.1

Description: Web browser based MySQL access, using python scripts
 webQuery is a collection of python cgi scripts that can access
 MySQL databases. These scripts will allow viewing, searching 
 and editing of tables. If tables are configured IAW certain
 rules table relationships are supported in such a way that 
 linking of tables is automated and a table hierarchy is emulated.
 Features include: Combining fields for reports, exporting reports,
 report sorting, fulltext searching, creating and editing records, 
 multiuser tracking, multi language configurable, simplified privileges,
 saved queries, query picklists, navagation bar.
 It's been tested and found to work on Mac OSX and Linux, but should
work on any system configured to execute cgi's (cookie support is

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