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request removal of vips7.8 and nip from mentors.debian.net

I tried sending a request for the removal of vips7.8 and nip from
mentors.debian.net by sending mail to opers@mentors.debian.net.
However, it appears that mail to the mentors.debian.net domain is not
working and hasn't been for at least a few days:

% host -t mx mentors.debian.net
mentors.debian.net is an alias for mentors.workaround.org.

mentors.workaround.org isn't answering on the smtp port though it is
answering on http and ssh.

Is sending mail to opers@mentors.debian.net still the preferred way to
request removal of packages from mentors.debian.net?

I'm requesting removal of these packages because someone has agreed to
sponsor them for upload into the archive, and I want to tweak the
description from what's there on mentors.

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>

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