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RFS: libao-ruby


today I packaged 'ruby-audiooutput' by Rik Hemsley as libao-ruby and now
I am looking for a sponsor for the packages.

Upstream Homepage: http://rikkus.info/ruby_audiooutput.html
 Libao is a cross platform audio output library, currently supporting
 output to several `live' (oss, esd, alsa, nas, arts, null) and `file'
 (au, raw, wav) `devices'.
This package offers Ruby bindings to libao.

The package files are lintian-clean and license is DFSG-conform.

btw, there was a discussion on debian-ruby about adding a ruby section
to Debian. When this becomes real, I'll change the section, of course,
as I'm also interested to keep it up-to-date regarding upstream releases 
and Debian issues :)


Thanks and best regards,

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