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Re: RFS: streamline


On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 03:00:00PM -0400, Michael MacFadden wrote:
> Allow me to be ignorant for a moment.  I am familiar with using apt-src 
> to get the source for packages, so I sort of know what is in a source 
> package.  But I am not sure what makes up a source package for 
> "uploading".  When I built the package (according to the new maintainers 
> guide) the following files were generated:
> streamline_0.0.20040901-1_all.deb
> streamline_0.0.20040901-1.diff.gz
> streamline_0.0.20040901-1.dsc
> streamline_0.0.20040901-1_i386.changes
> streamline_0.0.20040901.orig.tar.gz

Usually need to provide the orig.tar.gz, diff.gz and dsc file so that
others can rebuild the package correctly.

> All of those files are accessible at this URL:
> http://www.macfadden.org/~mike/debian/

You should get familar with the [1]lintian and/or [2]linda packages. You
package contains several errors lintian complains about. Expecially
wrong permissions because dh_fixperms is commented out in debian/rules.

You probably also should take a look at the [3]wwwconfig-common package.



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