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RFC capisuite and sfftobmp

can somebody please check the following packages


and send any comments and bugs(i hope nothing in there) to me.

Description: easy fax and voice box solution for ISDN/CAPI capable
devices In the default setup CapiSuite provides a fax and voice box
solution for multi users.
 Further CapiSuite tries to give the user the ability to code his own
ISDN applications without having to fiddle around with all the dirty
 programming details like callback functions, data buffers, protocol
 settings and so on.
 Homepage: http://www.capisuite.de/

Description: SFF (Structed Fax File) converter
 Tool to convert "Structured Fax Files" into Windows bitmaps
 (BMP), Portable Bitmaps (PBM), JPEG Pictures (JPG) and
 single or multipaged TIFF Images. .
 SFF means 'Structured Fax File', intended by the CAPI interface
 to be used to save incoming faxes. Within Linux it's e.g. the
 AVM-B1 card which creates such files. .
 Homepage: http://sfftools.sourceforge.net/sfftobmp.html

This is not an RFS because before i do an RFS i need to
write an ITP and edit changelogs to the accurate closes #xxxxx.

If no bugs in there i will send the packages to my sponsor.


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