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retriggering the building of a package on all archs

I'm the maintainer of two packages, say A and B. B build depends on A, i
uploaded a bugged version of A, which inhibit building of B. Now I've
fixed the problem, but B needs to be rebuilt on all architectures.

Is there a single person/email address I can ask for rebuilding package
B on all archs? Usually I send mail to the interested port list, but I
don't want to spam each debian-arch mailing list.

I can also reupload a new version of B, but it would be inappropriate
since nothing changed in that package.


Stefano Zacchiroli -*- Computer Science PhD student @ Uny Bologna, Italy
zack@{cs.unibo.it,debian.org,bononia.it} -%- http://www.bononia.it/zack/
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