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Re: Suggestions On Getting A Sponsor


Point taken. But I happen to be the upstream author for this project. So it's not like I just picked this out of a hat, and it's not like I am in the position to say, "Well maybe I should just pick something easier to package". The only reason I am looking into packaging this is because several people have emailed me and asked about the availability of Debian packages. Since Debian happens to be my platform of choice I figured I would try to learn the ropes of package maintenance.

Granted, I am a complete newbie and don't understand the technical or philosophical issues behind some of these issues. But if I am passionate and committed to getting this packaged and into Debian, then there must be some avenue. I suppose the trick is finding a developer who is both experienced with Web App packaging and also interested in my package.


Brian Nelson wrote:

I think you're missing the point.  It's not that developers think this
should not be packaged.  It's that packaging a web app is so difficult
to get right that only developers with a very strong personal interest
in the software would be willing to even look at it.  The vast majority
will consider it to not be worth the effort.

The best way to find a sponsor is to package something that is both
interesting and easy to sponsor.  I know I only sponsor packages I have
both a personal interest in and take little time to review.

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