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Re: Need a sponsor

> Please don't take that personally, but I guess the situation is similar
> for the people here who are ready to sponsor.
I see, but I wish there will be more people to help, because the DD
application goes on slowly. Anyway, thanks.

> > ftp-ssl  
> > ftpd-ssl -- bugs fixed, new maintainer
> You mean netkit-ftp-ssl and linux-ftpd-ssl?
> I can't see a O/RFA/ITA open. Where is the transfer of maintainership to
> you documented? Furthermore, I can't see any bug open for the second
> package.
Yes, you can see them here,

ftpd-ssl does not have some serious bugs, and only miss a ftpd's
manpage. The really need to be done is cce, which upgrades from 3.6 to

Cai Qian


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