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Re: Need a sponsor


* Cai Qian (caiqian@x-privat.org) [040928 20:40]:
> I am not sure if there is any people want to help, because I asked this
> few days ago. I worked hard to test these packages, and did a lot of
> bugs fixed. However, it make me quite sad that there seems no one to
> help.

sorry for not giving you the answer you wish. But please let me explain
why I don't intend to answer to your (or another) request currently:
+ I just sponsor too much packages - sponsoring is work, and even though
  a single package is ok, it just turns out to be much if you sponsor
+ I have some other people who have a right on time by me - in Debian,
  like my applicants, or outside, like my girl-friend.

Please don't take that personally, but I guess the situation is similar
for the people here who are ready to sponsor.

Some random remarks I can see on your packages:

> ftp-ssl  
> ftpd-ssl -- bugs fixed, new maintainer
You mean netkit-ftp-ssl and linux-ftpd-ssl?

I can't see a O/RFA/ITA open. Where is the transfer of maintainership to
you documented? Furthermore, I can't see any bug open for the second

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