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Round 2, RFS schoolbell - A calendaring server for schools

Ok, so now after being shown a LOT of stuff I didn't know in round 1 
I would like to try again.

As a note for any potential sponsor I would like to say that the
creation of the libschoolbell package is probably the most likely source
of errors.

This package contains the .so (not .so.1) files for the corresponding
schoolbell package. They are not intended for use outside schoolbell and
are put under the /usr/lib/libschoolbell directory and symlinked into
/usr/share/schoolbell where they are needed.

The packages are now linda and lintian clean and can be found here:


Excerpt from original RFS:

I am packaging schoolbell on behalf of upstream (Related to ITP#263088)
and seeking a sponsor.

Schoolbell is the first publicly available version of the Schooltool
server and is a stripped down version that only deals with 
calendaring and scheduling between groups.

This is the first wider release that people can actually test (The other
schooltool packages should follow soon).

Advertising plug for Schooltool:
Schooltool[1] is a project to develop an open source administration suite
for schools. It is privately funded by the shuttleworth foundation[2] and
arose out of a need for better governance of schools in South Africa
that do not have the resources for more expensive products. It is firmly
GPL with some imports from Zope (ZPL 2 or greater).

Personal opinion:
If we can improve the administration and management of schools,
especially in poor countries, even a little bit, that would be a very 
good thing.

[1] www.schooltool.org
[2] http://www.tsf.org.za/

Brian Sutherland

"There has got to be more to life than just being really,
really, really, ridiculously good-looking." -- Derek Zoolander

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