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Re: Bug#271640: gtklp fails to start gtklpq

Cc-ing to upstream and to debian-mentors, 'coz I need your braindumps on this

Calum Mackay <calum.mackay@cdmnet.org> writes:

> sirtobi wrote:
>> It's not really a bug.
>> You have upgrade from a very old version and the old config file has the
>> wrong format.
>> Update you configs or delete .gtklp and all went fine.
> thanks for the response.
> I think this is a Debian packaging bug, at least, especially as Debian
> unstable itself has only just switched, and from this same old version. The
> upgrade ought to detect this, at least.

Yes, this ought to be addressed by the package upgrade, probably through
debconf, or modify gtklp so it sees this, then does the update
automatically. I'm packaging 1.0pre2 now, and it ought to have this.

As I'm cc-ing this, can anyone suggest a better way to handle this? Thanks in
advance for your inputs ;)

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