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Re: Suggestions On Getting A Sponsor

On Mon, Sep 27, 2004 at 10:32:11PM +0200, Stephan Beyer wrote:
> Hi,
> > I posted several messages to this list earlier this month about getting 
> > my package sponsored.  Lots of people gave me great suggestions on how 
> > to improve the packing and other general ideas.  However no one seemed 
> > interested in uploading the package.
> What you describe is the same impression I got here.
> Perhaps the secret is to have the right connections or to make them, to
> get in contact with the right DD or just to have convincing packages ;)

Contacts make the world go round, in Debian sponsorship as in everything
else.  If you know a DD personally, they're a good place to start -- it's
much harder to turn someone down in person than to hit 'D' on their mailing
list post.  Convincing packages are good, but it's hard to know what will
push a potential sponsor's buttons -- and you want to package what's
interesting for *you*, not for your sponsor.

As for getting in contact with the "right" DD, you'll do that by finding the
appropriate mailing list and going and asking there.  d-devel is *never* the
right place, but if there's a debian- ML for your package's speciality
(d-perl, d-apache, d-python?) then asking there might get someone
interested.  There's also the possibility of having a vaguely interested DD
in an upstream mailing list, so it might be worthwhile keeping an eye on the
upstream MLs for your package for DD droppings.

- Matt

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