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Re: RFS: libfilesys-diskfree-perl

Hello Mohammed, hello list!

Please note that I'm no DD myself, so I cannot sponsor you. These are
just some remarks.

On Thu, Sep 30, 2004 at 12:51:27PM +0300, Mohammed Sameer wrote:
> Hi, I'd be happy if anyone can sponsor this package, [...]

Next to all the stuff a lintian run will tell you (CVS entries,
version number, Standards-Version, ...) please note:

- there is a section override disparity, this file lists "libs" yet
  the package is in "perl". Either change the section or convince
- the debhelper B-D-I needs to be raised, see
  and it needs to be a B-D as you call dh_clean in the clean target,

- the copyright file must say where the upstream sources (if any) were
  obtained, see

- urgency=medium shouldn't be necessary, see

Additionally you might want to streamline debian/rules a little bit,
possibly following the outline of the Perl Policy...


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