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Re: LSongs and MP3 (Was: How to remove ITP from debian.org?)


I agree too, but this is Linspire ( aka Lindows ) we are talking about here. Since they are trying to be the Linux distro of choice for former Windows users, they want everything to be somewhat recognizable to users. Notice how they rename alot of the programs they include?

It's been my experience that MP2 is more prevalent on Windows than Ogg Vorbis. Anyways, I'll dig up the email of the author ( Duane Maxwell i believe ) and see what happens.


John Buttery wrote:

* Lawrence Williams <lawrence_cecil_williams@hotmail.com> [2004-09-06 20:45:23 -0230]:
I've given up on getting LSongs into Debian ( for now ). Maybe I can
convince upstream to switch to toolame instead ( MP2 vs MP3 ). That
would eliminate the patent issue and make LSongs easier to package.

 Personally, if I were going to try to convince an upstream source of
something like that, I'd try to have them switch to Ogg/Vorbis instead.
That way you lose patent encumbrance and gain better output quality as
an added bonus.  :)

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