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request a mentor

I'm interested in being a Debian package maintainer and
am looking for a mentor. I agree to uphold the Debian
Social Contract as I engage in maintainer activities.

I've package-ized bsdiff (http://www.daemonology.net/bsdiff/)
after reading the Debian new maintainer's guide and going
through the new maintainer's checklist. I have used Debian
since 1995. It is my primary OS and I have it installed
on most all the machines I use/own. I've been wanting to
help out for some time and have finally gotten around to

The bsdiff package for i386 and the rest of the directory
tree related to it is available at:


My pgp key fingerprint is 0xBD2CA251 and other pertinent
information about it can be found at:


It's one degree of separation from PRZ via John Callas,
who is currently the CTO of PGP and main author of
RFC 2440. If there are any Debian maintainers in the
San Francisco Bay Area, I can get together with one
or more of them to get my key introduced into the
Debian portion of the WOT.

A little background on me:

I've been involved in information technology for about
ten years, now, the last seven of which have been focused
on security. At various times in my career I've had work
experience that has allowed me to dabble in networking,
system administration, and development. When I'm not at
work, technical activities include experimenting and learning
more about various technological bits, hanging out with friends
and family, and spending time de-coupled from the silicon based
beasts. I occasionally write articles for Security Focus and
am a member of The Shmoo Group.


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