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Re: RFS: mkat - transparent CLI frontend to burn, catalog data and audio CDs

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 09:52 pm, dmacsema@mail.amur.ru wrote:
> You understand it right, however, I didn't want to put "and" there
> because it is not necessary to burn *and* catalog, you can do either or
> both, so I thought that a comma would be more appropriate.

Unfortunately, a comma there is still grammatically incorrect (and confusing). 
In this case it really just means "and" anyway.  I do understand your 
hesitation, but I think users will understand that they don't have to do 
both, especially if this is made clear in the long description.

> Yep, I've changed the description to "transparent CLI frontend to burn,
> catalog data and audio CDs".

Hmm... or maybe say "command line tool for burning and cataloging CDs", and 
then mention in the long description that (a) it is a front end to something 
and (b) it can handle both audio and data CDs?  Both xcdroast and k3b are 
front ends to cdrecord et al. but neither mentions this in its short 
description (which I think is reasonable).  Also, maybe "writing" is better 
than "burning" (it's more accurate, after all =).

Anyway, I'm really not sure how best to phrase it.  =\

> > Anyway, I'm not trying to be an English grammar bully; I'm just trying to
> > give constructive feedback.  My writing isn't perfect either, and I'm a
> > native speaker so I have no excuse.  =)
> No, I'm glad to hear your feedback, I didn't realize my description
> could be understood that way.

Good; I really do just want to help.  (I'm sorry I don't have better advice.)  
Anyway, I'll leave you to it for now and get some sleep.  =)


Nathaniel W. Turner

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