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RFS: cxprolog


This is a request for sponsorship for the Debian package of cxprolog.

Name of the package: cxprolog (GPL)
Available in: http://tiago.org/cxprolog.html
Original software in: http://ctp.di.fct.unl.pt/~amd/cxprolog/
Description: A Prolog interpreter
CxProlog is a WAM based Prolog system, extended with some features:
  - threads (Modula-2-like coroutines);
  - units (Modula-2-like modules)
  - contexts (cf. [L.Monteiro, A.Porto: "Contextual Logic Programming",
             in Proc. 6 ICLP, Lisboa, Portugal, MIT Press, 1989])
  - some imperative mechanisms: imperative variables (ivars),
                                imperative queues,
                                imperative stacks,
                                imperative dictionaries,
                                imperative arrays
CxProlog is small and manageable, yet reasonably fast.

Honestly there is no fundamental reason why this is better than 
gnuprolog. Its just an alternative system, there are of course some 
differences (some of the advantages are depicted in the description).
I know quite a few Debian users that use cxprolog.
This is my first package so expect problems, I am more than willing to 
correct them if given directions.
I am aware that lintian reports a missing man file, but none exists. If 
its really required I will produce one.
I have no intention in becoming a Debian Developer (unless the sponsor 
asks me to be a developer to ease his/her burden), only in maintaing 
this and a second package that I will submit somewhere in the future (a 
library linking python and gnuprolog).
I expect this to require little maintenance, I will provide it of 
I have only tested this on x86 and 2 machines.

I would really appreciate if somebody would like to sponsor cxprolog,

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