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Re: RFS: fityk - general-purpose nonlinear curve fitting and data analysis

On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Frank Küster wrote:

Some remarks:

- you should file an ITP bug against wnpp (and close it in the

I have done so but the bug number in the changelog is missing as I have not received confirmation from the bug tracking system. how long does it take to get it listed? (i.e. when should I worry that it did not get submitted properly!).

- Upstream should not just put a copy of the GPL into the tarball, but
 state somewhere that he wants this license to be applied to the work.

I will make this request once I have established a dialog with the upstream author.

- debian/copyright:

"Copyright: GNU Ceneral Public License" is wrong. Copyright indicates
the owner of the copyright, i.e. the upstream author. After that, you
should put something like



- debian/fityk.1:

Have you submitted the manpage upstream?


- debian/control:

You should use the current standards-version, there might also some
changes be needed for this (upgrade-checklist.txt.gz).

- debian/rules:

 * See section 10.1 of Policy for the CFLAGS setting
 * Please remove the commented lines


I have a new version (without the bug number in the changelog) at the same location as before.



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