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Re: RFS: mkat - transparent CLI frontend to burn, catalog data and audio CDs

On Tue, Sep 28, 2004 at 09:06:37PM -0400, Nathaniel W. Turner wrote:
> > Description: CLI tools to burn, catalog data and audio CD-R[W]s
> This sentence confuses me, as "audio" is not a verb.  Do you mean "CLI tools 
> to burn and catalog data and audio CDs", or do I misunderstand the intended 
> meaning?

You understand it right, however, I didn't want to put "and" there
because it is not necessary to burn *and* catalog, you can do either or
both, so I thought that a comma would be more appropriate.

> (Note that, grammer aside, I think there is no need to say "CD-R[W]s" in the 
> short description; if one is burning a CD, it is obviously a CD-R or CD-RW.)

Yep, I've changed the description to "transparent CLI frontend to burn,
catalog data and audio CDs".

> Anyway, I'm not trying to be an English grammar bully; I'm just trying to give 
> constructive feedback.  My writing isn't perfect either, and I'm a native 
> speaker so I have no excuse.  =)

No, I'm glad to hear your feedback, I didn't realize my description
could be understood that way.

/Dmitry <ledestin@amur.ru>

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