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Re: Suggestions On Getting A Sponsor

Steve Langasek wrote:

The issue is that providing a package for a webapp that only integrates
with certain webserver packages in Debian splits the userbase between
those who have a reason to want to use your package, and those who have
to do the integration work themselves anyway and won't see any reason
not to download the tarball.
That is a very interesting point. I think a good goal for me then would be to make the package only bound to php. That should be possible. In fact I have been working on support for IIS which has required abstracting away all of the apache bindings. If the package only depended on php then anyone who had a web server that supported php would be able to use the package anyway. So anyone who would download the tar ball would have to have a web server that worked with php, in which case the debian package would work for all of those people.


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