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Re: Bashisms and Dashisms...

On Mon, 2004-09-06 at 16:18, Frank Küster wrote:
> A maintainer script with a #!/bin/sh line should only use posix
> syntax. If one needs more features (e.g. test -L), one can instead use
> #!/bin/bash.
> However, this seems unnecessarily restricted to me. dash also knows
> the non-POSIX extensions to the test builtin.

test's -L option is allowed in Debian.  Its -o and -a options are
not, in theory.

> Is there any way to make this more liberal? A rule like "if it can be
> executed by any of the bourne-shell clones A, B, C in Debian, it can be
> used"? 

This is currently under discussion on the debian-policy list.  E.g.,

Thomas Hood

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