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Re: request removal of vips7.8 and nip from mentors.debian.net

Hi, Jay...

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 08:18:59PM -0400, Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
> I tried sending a request for the removal of vips7.8 and nip from
> mentors.debian.net by sending mail to opers@mentors.debian.net.
> However, it appears that mail to the mentors.debian.net domain is not
> working and hasn't been for at least a few days:
> % host -t mx mentors.debian.net
> mentors.debian.net is an alias for mentors.workaround.org.

Yes, we had a hardware crash. My machine fell apart and it took a moment
to move the service to a new place. Sorry for the confusion. (And thanks
again to Osamu Aoki who helped us move the DNS entry.)

> Is sending mail to opers@mentors.debian.net still the preferred way to
> request removal of packages from mentors.debian.net?

We have a trouble-ticket system running at support@mentors.debian.net.
Usually we can answer questions within a few hours there.

> I'm requesting removal of these packages because someone has agreed to
> sponsor them for upload into the archive, and I want to tweak the
> description from what's there on mentors.

I have just removed your package.


P.S.: We'll provide some major changes to mentors.debian.net soon.
      That will allow all users of our service to maintain their own
      packages online.

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