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Re: RFS schoolbell - A calenaring server for schools

Matthew Palmer wrote:

> I just had another thought -- make a -1 revision with an empty diff.  Weird,
> but I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work...

Why would the diff be empty?  I would think it should contain the debian
subdir in any case.  It makes no sense to ship a debian directory in
generic source code released for RedHat, Windows, etc. (it would just
uselessly increase the tarball size) so it might as well go into the
Debian-specific diff.gz.

Even as both upstream and maintainer, you (Brian Sutherland) might find
it useful to keep Debian packaging stuff separate from the main body of
code.  Then if there is a bug in debian/rules, or Debian Policy is
updated to mandate some new control field, you don't have to release an
entirely new tarball just to fix a Debian-specific issue.


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