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Please Sponsor Us

c/o Euphenia Gregory, P.O. Box 617, Arusha-Tanzania E. Africa. Tel.+255 748 348582 We are John Andrew & Irene Andrew-a brother & a sister aged 13 and 11 yrs respectively. We are kindly looking for someone or an organization to sponsor us in our education as we are just about to sit for our grade 7 & 6(i.e Std 7 & 6) respectively. We are from a single mother-widow-and afraid that she can not meet needs for further education. We'd like to continue with our education so as to help the entire family in the near future. There are also our young brothers and sisters who could not go to school due to lack of finance. Please help us now and we shall help others there after. God bless you all, hoping that our request shall be considered. Yours faithfully, John and Irene.

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