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Re: RFS schoolbell - A calenaring server for schools

Matthew Palmer:

I just had another thought -- make a -1 revision with an empty diff. Weird, but I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work...

That usually works just fine, and it what I do when I release jwhois, since I have also been doing the upstream releases. The debian subdirectory is in the main cvs archive, but on a "hidden" branch. This means that if I am the one that release the upstream version, it gets a debian subdir, and the -1 has an empty diff, but if the other maintainer releases it, it goes without a debian subdir, and the -1 will have a normal diff.

Any -2 will have a small diff adding the changes between -1 and -2.

This works fine when you can control the upstream releases. You just need to ensure that no upstream releases are made with incorrect or outdated debian subdirs, it's better to have such releases lack the debian subdir completely.

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