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RFS: cvs-syncmail and others...

 I saw that cvs-syncmail was orphaned, and cause I was intended to
package it, I renamed the bug against wnpp to ITA, and prepared a
package of the newest version, closing also the bug  #251814 against
 I put this package here:

deb http://maczewski.dyndns.org/debian/ ./
deb-src http://maczewski.dyndns.org/debian/ ./

the description of this package can be found in the orphaning bug
report (#250510).

I have also prepared a packages from the ptp2lib library, allowing one
to communicate with PTP devices (digital cameras, and so on) and the
ptpcanon program, which allows i. e. to take shots using Canon digital
cameras (PowerShot series).
The ptp2lib ITP bug against wnpp was submitted by me (#267042).

If someone of you could look at the packages I made and show me the
faults, and maybe sponsor them for me, I'd be very glad :-)

 Pawel Maczewski

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