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연락주세요 AAHHH Lintian! Adopting package - qub Adoption of xcopilot: Who wants to be my sponsor? Re: Advocate/Sponsor alpha version numbering Becoming a Debian Developer [eol package] Becoming a developer / Key signing Best way to specify which GCC to use Re: building a new debian package cannot build under m68k Can someone please sponsor purity Change of homepage address cleanrule of my package clearing NMU fixed bugs [completly OT] Re: GPG Key Signing in UK debian/rules and ash dinstall error message on ftp-master dpkg-shlibdeps strange messages and lintian error (rpath) Re: dpkg-source messages exim setup for remote outgoing mail GPG key GPG Key Signing in UK Re: GPG Key Signing in UK -- CORRECTED Help building packages. Help me! how long a package must be in unstable without critical bugs to be copied to testing? I am trying to learn how to build packages. I need sponsor/advocate iprelay: sponsor sought ldconfig in postinst lintian goes wild? Logos Sonneries/Repondeur/Dedicaces looking for a sponsor Looking for a sponsor... Looking for sponsor: Changetrack package Fwd: Looking for sponsor: sml-mode package Lost sources.list - can it be recovered? Native packages Nautilus, .keys files and mailcap Needa sponsor/advocate Need a sponsor for garchiver Need Sponsor new maintainers DAM approval time new packages: divx4linux and transcode new version number needed to repair broken download? orig.tar.gz problems package name changes and changelogs Packaging Packaging problems php/ldap update Re: Private gnupg key los :-O, keysign request Re: Processed: glimpse package is no longer in the Debian archive pseudo-image-kit-2.0 RFC about copyrights and right package section for W3C docs. Re: Sed & Awk Shell scripts as conffiles and /usr Someone intrested to look into this new package? Re: Some Packaging Questions Some problems with debian/rules file... Sponsor for XCounter Sponsor needed for WindowMaker dockapps testing delays trouble with HTML changelogs and SGML catalogs Upstream changelog Re: Using secondary GPG ID for packages versioned shlibs file -- when and why Re: warning in Plex86 What to do with sources that lack a copyright When can I include my package in stable? The last update was on 17:01 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 268 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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