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Re: Native packages

peter karlsson wrote:

> Santiago Vila:
> > If you insist that the tarball must be created first, follow Julian's
> > suggestion and make your package non-native by creating an .orig.tar.gz
> > tarball (in this case the .diff.gz is typically the debian/* files).
> I don't want to make it non-native, since that means I would have to do diff
> files and such things. 

I do this and release an empty diff file.  No big deal.

>                        I have the debian directory in my CVS, and my
> official releases are DEBs (and tar.gz:s with the files, plus a RAR archive
> with the OS/2 and Win32 versions plus CRLF formatted sources).

Have you looked at:


Might help, but I'm not sure really.


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