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Re: Native packages

Santiago Vila:

> Including MSWIN and OS/2 specific stuff in a Debian source tarball
> should not be a problem.

Well, the packages structure are different on the different platforms, and
also my MSWIN/OS2 source packages also contain binaries, plus that the
source is CRLF formatted there, and that I convert the documentation files
from iso-8859-1 to cp437 for those (originally I did it the other way round,
since the program was initially written on OS/2). Also, my CVS directory
structure does not correspond to 100% to what I distribute.

> A local user is allowed to own files inside a source tarball, there is
> no requirement that the files are owned by root.root

I know that, the problem is that when you untar a file with files owned by
non-root, that *numerical* id owns the files you just untared. That is what
I am trying to ignore. Tar is really too "smart" for my archives...

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