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Shell scripts as conffiles and /usr


I've got a little dilemma and I'm sure more experienced DD can help me
with it.

I'm packaging a log analyzer (fwlogwatch) that can execute a couple of
scripts depending on some events. These scripts can be tuned by local
administrator to fit his needs. I wanted to make them conffiles since it
made sense and Debian Policy reads:

" 11.7 Configuration files
11.7.1 Definitions 
Note that a script that embeds configuration information (such as most
of the files in /etc/default and /etc/cron.{daily,weekly,monthly}) is
de-facto a configuration file and should be treated as such.  "

Should I make them conffiles?
In affirmative case, these scripts are in /usr/sbin and lintian claims
that no conffile should be there. Should I move them to /etc/fwlogwatch
or write an override? (I think the former is better)

Any ideas or comments are welcomed.



Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death (Patrick Henry)

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