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Re: When can I include my package in stable?

On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 07:19:27PM -0600, Robin wrote:
> Hi,
> What are the conditions for a package to be included in stable?
> I have looked through the policy document to find any clues on this but
> I couldn't find anything.
that happens automatically when a freeze takes place, your package is
accepted (no critical bugs open) and frozen becomes stable. So the
package that was part of testing (which became frozen) will then be in
If there are so many people out there dying to get your package
for stable, you could create one (if you don't have a potatoe 
at hand you can create a chroot environment) and put it on the
www server (klecker.debian.org) (see the developers guide on
more info about www server).

Please note that this then an inofficial package for stable
although you are a developer.

kind regards, 
Michael Moerz 

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