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Re: testing delays

Debian Sleuthing (part XIV)

Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> writes:

> Following the link on the word "sparc", I read the following:
>    Database information:
>    Most recent build log:
>    Not available.
> What does this mean? I guess that the autobuilder haven't yet try the
> building on sparc architecture, but I'm not sure.

Right ... the question is why. Digging around I found
which says:
| devel/netclient_0.3-4 by buildd [optional:out-of-date]
|   Dependencies: ocaml-xstr (>= 0.2-3)
Looking at
we see that ocaml-xstr is still at 0.2-1 on sparc. Unfortunately,
again has no information.

The last xstr upload being some 2+ weeks ago, perhaps the build log
has expired? No bug report ... maybe it fell through the cracks?

> If, say, the freeze happens tomorrow does netclient 0.3-4 will not be
> available in stable on sparc architecture?

No, according to
testing contains 0.3-3 for alpha, sparc, arm, ia64, powerpc, i386.
This would be the status, if we'd *release* now. Just going into freeze
doesn't mean that nothing can be changed. For example, I'd expect that
packages just held up by missing dependencies would have no problem.

Or say that xstr has some compile failure on sparc, I don't think
someone would object to a fixed version going into testing. Just don't
change non-bugs as well ...


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