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Re: Some Packaging Questions

Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> writes:

> > 1) Build-Depends: How can I find out what belongs in build-depends ?
> Build a chroot with debootstrap and install the build-essential package
> and its dependencies. Anything else you have to install to get the
> package to build is a build dependency.

But note that some packages (especially autoconfigured ones) can adapt
to missing libraries that you'd want them to build with. E.g. one
package of mine will refrain from building some ancillary tools if
GTK+ is not installed. Of course I want a libgtk1.2-dev
build-dependency even if it would build fine without that.

Usually watching the configure run closely will tell you such things,
and testing the thing built in your chroot, of course!


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