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Re: Packaging

Robert Bihlmeyer wrote:

> I'm assuming that nobody will link to that library directly, but that
> you LD_PRELOAD it or similar. If that is correct, a single binary
> package looks fine.

In fact, it is used like Electric Fence...
An other problem is the installation of library whith a binary package...
seems to don't like it :(

> > In the postinst I put a "/sbin/ldconfig" in configure
> > In the postrm I put a "/sbin/ldconfig" in remove.
> debhelper (dh_makeshlibs) will take care of this if you have DH_COMPAT
> >= 3.
> But you haven't mentioned what your actual problems are. Is no .deb
> produced? Does lintian complain? Does installing the package nuke your
> system? etc.

Lintian complain...

W: mdb: library-not-linked-against-libc ./usr/lib/libmdb.so.0.1
W: mdb: non-dev-pkg-with-shlib-symlink usr/lib/libmdb.so.0.1
W: mdb: postrm-calls-ldconfig

But the package works fine... It is just that it's my first package and I'd
like to do it well :)

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