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Re: Native packages

peter karlsson:
> Santiago Vila:
> > Oops! I understand. My suggestion is that you arrange things so that
> > dpkg-buildpackage creates the one and only source tarball, instead of
> > creating it in advance by hand.
> I *could* do that, but that would still not solve the problem of the files
> in the tarball being owned by peter/users instead of root/root, as the
> tarball I build now is.

As I said, that's not a real problem. Just uncompress tarballs and
build packages as an ordinary user, not as root.

If you insist that the tarball must be created first, follow Julian's
suggestion and make your package non-native by creating an .orig.tar.gz
tarball (in this case the .diff.gz is typically the debian/* files).

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