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Re: When can I include my package in stable?

Robin <robin@debian.org> writes:

> What are the conditions for a package to be included in stable?

You can't get your package into the current stable (potato) unless it
is tremendously important, and another point release is made. So I'll
assume your talking about the next stable release (woody).

For this you mainly have to get into testing. Then, unless your
package is removed again due to major problems, it will end up in
stable when release time comes by.

> Currently, I maintain the kvirc (and kvirc-doc, kvirc-dev) packages
> which have been in unstable since June 20 this year. There are no open
> bugs against either of the packages anymore and I think that from a
> quality point of view, it could be included in stable.

Look for your package on
<URL:http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/update_excuses.html>. It
will tell you that some archs (arm, m68k, powerpc) had trouble
compiling it. Links to relevant build logs are included -- review
those and try to fix the bugs.

Also note that normally versions younger than 10 days are not
considered for moving to testing ... but that also means that if you
upload every 7 days, your package will be ignored until you slack off
a bit.

> Also, with the freeze currently in progress, do I have to wait with
> this?

Only base is frozen ATM.


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