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When can I include my package in stable?


What are the conditions for a package to be included in stable?
I have looked through the policy document to find any clues on this but
I couldn't find anything.

Currently, I maintain the kvirc (and kvirc-doc, kvirc-dev) packages
which have been in unstable since June 20 this year. There are no open
bugs against either of the packages anymore and I think that from a
quality point of view, it could be included in stable.

I assume there is probably a rule stating something like "a package has
to be bugfree for x weeks before inclusion will be considered" or "a
package has to spend x amount of time in unstable before it can be
uploaded to stable". Also, with the freeze currently in progress, do I
have to wait with this?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

robin @ debian.org

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