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Re: clearing NMU fixed bugs

Colin Watson wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 08, 2001 at 11:17:47PM +0300, Baruch Even wrote:
> > I've taken over wvdial package with permission. The package had several
> > bugs fixed in former NMUs and I've uploaded a new version to fix another
> > one, but the bugs fixed in former NMUs are still marked as fixed in NMU
> > instead of being marked as plain fixed.
> As well as what Josip said, you'll find the bug tracking system easier
> to use if you think of the final state as "closed" rather than "fixed".
> The tag "fixed" has a specific meaning, and results in the web pages
> saying "fixed in NMU". Closing a bug, which is what you want to do, is
> distinct from tagging it fixed.

But please don't do it in using the changlog mechanism.  As you
said before, the bug was alreay fixed by a prior upload.  You
should only close bugs using teh changlog mechanism if that
specific upload fixes the bug.

Use ######-done@bugs.debian.org instead.


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