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Re: [NLnet Labs Maintainers] Looking for new opendnssec and softhsm maintainer Re: [Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Packaging WebExtensions compatible with multiple browsers apt-get dist-upgrade uninstalled most of KDE Automatic way to install dbgsym packages for a process? Re: Better infrastructure for dbgsyms Better infrastructure for dbgsyms (was: Automatic way to install dbgsym packages for a process?) bind9 shipping outdated root hint file (etc.) Re: Bits from the 10th Debian Groupware Meeting Re: Bits from the New Member Process Bug in page? Bug#655420: ITP: jtransforms -- A multithreaded FFT library written in pure Java Re: Bug#798476: Bug#870788: Extract recent uploaders from d/changelog Re: Bug#798476: Returning to the requirement that Uploaders: contain humans Bug#806513: ITP: defcon -- set of UFO based objects for use in font editing applications Re: Bug#833585: lintian: Check presence of upstream signature if signing key available Bug#845789: ITP: spymemcached -- simple, asynchronous, single-threaded memcached client written in java Bug#847003: ITP: connid -- framework for provisioning identities to repositories Bug#856139: certspotter: long description advertises *unused* commercial service Bug#869908: relax dependency on faraday in gemspec Bug#870380: ITP: deepin-gettext-tools -- Deepin Internationalization utilities Bug#870381: ITP: python-singa -- a machine learning library Bug#870457: ITP: gavodachs -- Virtual Observatory server suite Bug#870487: ITP: cxlflash -- Provides configuration and device management services for CAPI flash accelerators. Bug#870571: ITP: avro-c -- Apache Avro C Bug#870587: ITP: golang-github-cheekybits-is -- A mini testing helper for Go Bug#870589: ITP: golang-github-matryer-try -- Simple idiomatic retry package for Go Bug#870590: ITP: golang-github-tdewolff-test -- Go test helper functions Bug#870591: ITP: golang-github-tdewolff-buffer -- Go buffer and wrapper types Bug#870592: ITP: golang-github-tdewolff-strconv -- Go string conversions for numeric types Bug#870593: ITP: golang-github-tdewolff-parse -- Go parsers for web formats Bug#870594: ITP: golang-github-tdewolff-minify -- Go minifiers for web formats Bug#870625: ITP: libengine-gost-openssl1.1 -- Loadable module for openssl implementing GOST algorithms Bug#870687: ITP: rss-bridge -- generate ATOM feeds for websites that don't have them Bug#870723: ITP: python-deprecation -- A library to handle automated deprecations Bug#870726: ITP: libjs-fetch -- window.fetch JavaScript polyfill Bug#870735: ITP: node-worker-farm -- FIX_ME write the Debian package description Bug#870826: ITP: python-wither -- XML/HTML Generation DSL Bug#870875: ITP: fonts-alegreya-sans -- Humanist sans-serif font designed by Juan Pablo del Peral Bug#870877: ITP: trapperkeeper-scheduler-clojure -- Trapperkeeper service for scheduling background tasks Bug#870878: ITP: ufolib -- Low-level UFO reader and writer Bug#870880: ITP: browse-kill-ring-el -- interactively insert items from kill-ring Bug#870908: ITP: php7.0-memcached -- memcached extension module for PHP7.x Bug#870913: general: IPv6 tunnel on host machine and container Bug#870913: marked as done (general: IPv6 tunnel on host machine and container) Bug#870916: ITP: python-etcd3 -- Python client for the etcd API v3 Bug#871036: ITP: libjs-jquery-blockui -- simulate synchronous behaviour using AJAX Bug#871044: ITP: lightdm-autologin-greeter -- autologin greeter for lightdm Bug#871245: ITP: tubedown -- Download videos for mp4 files using Youtube-dl GUI Bug#871261: ITP: spyder-notebook -- Jupyter notebook integration with Spyder Bug#871268: ITP: vmtouch -- Portable file system cache diagnostics and control Bug#871450: ITP: golang-github-jdkato-syllables -- Go syllable counter Bug#871453: ITP: golang-github-markbates-inflect -- A git fork of Bug#871464: ITP: golang-github-montanaflynn-stats -- Statistics package for Go Bug#871472: ITP: golang-gopkg-neurosnap-sentences.v1 -- Golang package that converts a blob of text into a list of sentences Bug#871474: ITP: golang-github-jdkato-prose -- Golang library for text processing Bug#871497: ITP: sambamba -- tools for working with SAM/BAM data Bug#871501: ITP: jellyfish1 -- count k-mers in DNA sequences Bug#871533: ITP: uprightdiff -- examine differences between two images Bug#871541: ITP: libplibsys0 -- Highly portable C system library Bug#871547: general: Can't change to any other background. Bug#871552: ITP: golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle -- Primitives for shuffling slices and user-defined collections in Go Bug#871580: ITP: mediawiki-extensions-translate -- MediaWiki tool for translations Bug#871594: ITP: mediawiki-extensions-universallanguageselector -- Tool to select a language and configure for MediaWiki Bug#871621: ITP: virt-bootstrap -- Tool to setpu the root file system for libvirt-based containers in an easy way Bug#871637: ITP: silx -- Toolbox for X-Ray data analysis Bug#871640: ITP: python-django-celery-results -- Celery result backends for Django Bug#871660: ITP: fairsim -- ImageJ plugin for SIM reconstruction Bug#871684: ITP: template-glib -- templating library for GLib Bug#871707: ITP: jsonrpc-glib -- JSON-RPC library for GLib Bug#871738: ITP: tracker-miners -- file indexer and metaata extractors Bug#871781: ITP: shimdandy -- Shim wrapping multiple Clojure runtimes into the same JVM Bug#871812: ITP: gajim-rostertweaks -- allows user to tweak Gajim roster window appearance Bug#871827: ITP: message-templ -- templates for Emacs message-mode Bug#871830: ITP: pylci -- Python-based Linux Control Interface Bug#871913: ITP: boot-clj -- Build tooling for Clojure Bug#871926: ITP: octave-octproj -- cartographic projections transformations for Octave Bug#871928: ITP: caja-rename -- Batch renaming extension for Caja Bug#872024: ITP: golang-go.uber-multierr -- multierr allows combining one or more Go errors together Bug#872148: ITP: octave-tisean -- nonlinear time series analysis for Octave Bug#872318: ITP: python-meshio -- library for reading and writing mesh data Bug#872328: ITP: node-rollup-plugin-commonjs -- Node.js plugin for rollup to convert CommonJS modules to ES6 Bug#872352: ITP: skypat -- C++ performance analyzing and testing framework Bug#872355: ITP: node-is-module -- Node.js code to check if a string is an ES6 module Bug#872380: ITP: pocket-home -- a simple menu for mobile devices Bug#872401: ITP: lmdbxx -- C++ wrapper for LMDB Bug#872415: ITP: golang-github-shopspring-decimal -- arbitrary-precision fixed-point decimal numbers in go Bug#872443: ITP: node-rollup-plugin-node-resolve -- rollup plugin to bundle third-party dependencies Bug#872462: ITP: minetest-mod-character-creator -- Minetest module to customize your skin Bug#872509: ITP: inhomog -- kinematical backreaction and average scale factor evolution Bug#872534: ITP: spyder-reports -- Spyder-IDE plugin for Markdown reports using Pweave Bug#872548: ITP: node-pathval -- Node.js module for object value access from a path Bug#872552: ITP: node-check-error -- Node.js module for error handling Bug#872592: ITP: node-syntax-error -- detect and report syntax errors in source code strings Bug#872622: ITP: bandage -- Bioinformatics Application for Navigating De novo Assembly Graphs Easily Bug#872638: ITP: node-buble -- A fast ES2015 compiler for Node.js Bug#872655: ITP: node-unicode-canonical-property-names-ecmascript -- Bug#872656: ITP: node-unicode-canonical-property-names-ecmascript -- Bug#872659: ITP: node-unicode-property-aliases-ecmascript -- Unicode property aliases mapping for property names in Node.js Bug#872693: ITP: node-unicode-tr51 -- Emoji data for Node.js Bug#872695: ITP: caja-admin -- Add administrative actions to Caja's right-click menu Bug#872697: ITP: node-unicode-10.0.0 -- Unicode data for Node.js Bug#872722: ITP: node-foreground-child -- : helper for running a child process as a foreground process Bug#872732: ITP: wildfly-common -- Wildfly common utilities project Bug#872733: ITP: wildfly-client-config -- Wildfly Client Configuration Library Bug#872763: node-clean-yaml-object Bug#872773: ITP: firefox-passff -- pass manager extension for Firefox Bug#872790: ITP: node-shell-quote -- quote and parse shell commands Bug#872795: ITP: adv-17v35x-dkms -- DKMS source for Advantech PCIe Multiport device driver Bug#872801: ITP: RTS2 - open source observatory manager Bug#872805: ITP: xssproxy -- Forward Idle Inhibition Service calls to Xss. Bug#872812: exim4-config: Exim configuration error in line 684 of /var/lib/exim4/config.autogenerated.tmp Bug#872812: marked as done (exim4-config: Exim configuration error in line 684 of /var/lib/exim4/config.autogenerated.tmp) Bug#872821: ITP: beginend-el -- redefine M-< and M-> for some modes to get to meaningful locations Bug#872824: ITP: node-regjsgen -- Generate regular expression in Node.js Bug#872861: ITP: node-gulp-mocha -- Run Mocha tests Bug#872873: ITP: emacs-neotree -- Emacs directory tree plugin like NerdTree for Vim Bug#872930: general: reboots every time even when i shut it down Bug#872947: ITP: node-tap-mocha-reporter -- Format a TAP stream using Mocha's set of reporters Bug#872959: ITP: gcc-7-doc -- documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, g++, etc.) Bug#873025: ITP: ediprolog-el -- Emacs Does Interactive Prolog Bug#873093: ITP: django-test-without-migrations -- Disable migrations when running your tests Bug#873095: ITP: revolt -- better desktop integration for Bug#873135: ITP: node-log-driver -- log-driver is a simple logging framework for logging to stdout Bug#873167: ITP: node-cp -- File copy for Node.js Bug#873188: ITP: node-when -- Async tools and when() implementation for Node.js Bug#873189: ITP: node-lcov-parse -- Parse lcov results files and return JSON Bug#873202: ITP: astroid -- graphical notmuch email client Bug#873203: ITP: emacs-htmlize -- convert buffer text and decorations to HTML Bug#873230: ITP: openvpn-auth-script -- OpenVPN script authentication module Bug#873269: ITP: r-cran-bit64 -- GNU R S3 Class for Vectors of 64bit Integers Bug#873270: ITP: r-cran-bit -- GNU R class for vectors of 1-bit booleans Bug#873272: ITP: r-cran-blob -- GNU R S3 Class for Representing Vectors of Binary Data ('BLOBS') Bug#873282: ITP: emacs-memoize -- memoization functions Bug#873296: ITP: minetest-mod-xdecor -- Lightweight decoration module for minetest Bug#873317: ITP: node-md5.js -- node style md5 on pure JavaScript Bug#873360: ITP: libtie-hash-indexed-perl -- Ordered hashes for Perl Bug#873396: ITP: r-cran-lmertest -- GNU R tests in Linear Mixed Effects Models Bug#873398: ITP: avy-menu -- library providing avy-powered popup menu for Emacs Bug#873399: ITP: ace-popup-menu -- replace Emacs GUI popup menu with something more efficient Bug#873400: ITP: node-deps-sort -- sort module depends for deterministic browserify bundles Bug#873415: ITP: hyperlink -- A featureful, correct URL for Python Bug#873435: ITP: hunspell-dz -- Dzongkha Spellchecker Bug#873438: general: Just maintence, please, thank you!!! Bug#873438: marked as done (general: Just maintence, please, thank you!!!) Bug#873447: ITP: node-stream-combiner2 -- combine stream using stream3 Node.js API Bug#873453: ITP: node-detective -- find all require() calls by walking the AST Bug#873454: ITP: python-test-server -- HTTP server to test HTTP clients Bug#873487: ITP: goreplay -- GoReplay is an open-source tool for capturing and replaying live HTTP traffic Bug#873500: ITP: golang-gopkg-flosch-pongo2.v3 -- Django-syntax like template-engine for Go Bug#873569: ITP: libmediawiki -- KDE C++ interface for MediaWiki based web service Bug#873594: ITP: flatpak-builder -- Flatpak application building helper Bug#873607: ITP: odb-api -- Observational Data processing API for meteorology Bug#873738: RFP: trepan3k -- a GDB-like debugger for Python Bug#873777: ITP: whatthepatch -- Library for parsing patch files Bug#873811: ITP: h2o -- Optimized HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2 server Re: building a debian kernel package(s) for a foreign architecture Call for testers: DPut version 1.0.0 Call for volunteers: FTP Team Can Ubuntu font be added to a Debian repository? Re: Debian Policy released Re: Debian Policy released Re: debian-devel-digest Digest V2017 #417 Re: Detached upstream signature and git packaging DocBook 5 for Debian DPL election terms 1 year was Re: X facts about Debian - some fact checking and looking for ideas. Embedded library copies - mergerfs Evaluation (Re: Proposal: A new approach to differential debs) Re: fdisk becoming non-essential, dependencies needed. Hello history questions about how changelog.gz and changelog.Debian.gz came about. How does one include the original upstream signature? how to build dependency of python-webkit if python-webkit is not maintained? How to change default umask in Stretch? Improvement of sensible-utils isync/mbsync's TLS config (was Re: OpenSSL disables TLS 1.0 and 1.1) ITP: fortune-anarchism -- anarchist quotes for fortune ITP: libjs-cssrelpreload -- JavaScript to load CSS asynchronously ITP: libjs-jquery-minicolor -- Tiny color picker built on jQuery ITP: libjs-pdfjs -- PDF reader in JavaScript ITP: libjs-semantic -- JS framework based around principles from natural language ITP: libjs-swaggerui -- Assets to dynamically generate documentation ITP: libjs-vue -- JS library for building interactive web applications lcdproc was Re: X facts about Debian - some fact checking and looking for ideas. Let's enable AppArmor by default (why not?) libgda with ui support. Lintian auto-reject changes in dak Mail templates Maintainer information in source packages (was: Re: Returning to the requirement that Uploaders: contain humans) MBF for deprecating Python2 usage MBF: Multi-Arch: same violations Re: New archive key for wheezy generated NMU campaign for Reproducible Builds patches openjdk-8-jre-jamvm gone? Re: OpenSSL disables TLS 1.0 and 1.1 Re: openssl/libssl1 in Debian now blocks offlineimap? Package Managers All the Way Down PackageConfigUpgrade: Was X facts about Debian - some fact checking and looking for ideas. Packaging WebExtensions compatible with multiple browsers The last update was on 16:51 GMT Mon Jun 17. There are 656 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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