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Re: Embedded library copies - mergerfs

On Aug 07 2017, Ben Finney <bignose@debian.org> wrote:
> By your description, the upstream code doesn't do that. One obvious
> workaround is to remove the embedded library in the Debian ‘mergerfs’
> package ‘clean’ target, patch the software to instead use Debian's
> packaged ‘libfuse’ library, and maintain that patch in the Debian
> ‘mergerfs’ package, indefinitely.
> There may be some upstream changes that you could suggest which would
> make that easier. Could a bit of refactoring in ‘mergerfs’ allow for an
> easily configurable ‘libfuse’ location? Could those changes be made
> acceptable by the upstream developer?

libfuse upstream here. I am not aware of any open (non documentation-)
bugs reported by mergefs people. So by that criterion mergefs should
work just fine with the packaged libfuse.


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