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Call for testers: DPut version 1.0.0

Howdy all,

I have released version 1.0.0 to Debian Experimental, and it now needs
plenty of testing to find regressions from earlier behaviour.

This release represents a culmination of carefully preserving the
existing behavior while porting the code base to Python 3, ahead of the
deprecation of Python 2 in Debian.

While there are a number of feature requests outstanding, this release
is focussed primarily on making sure all existing use cases are
supported without breakage from the significant upheval in the code

Please try your strange uploads, and anything else you use ‘dput(1)’ and
‘dcut(1)’ for, with varying configurations. If there are any regressions
I want you to report them in the Debian BTS, so they can be investigated
before a wider release.

If anyone has unusual use cases that are feasible for automation, I am
also interested in setting up an automated feature test suite. Please
contact me at <dput@packages.debian.org>.

Thanks in advance for your help to improve DPut!

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