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Re: Debian Policy released

On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 05:33:12PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> structures.  Any transition plan which did that based on xdg files
> would be quite horrible because it would involve mixing, in a single
> file, data maintained by the trad Debian menu folks with data
> maintained by the XDG folks.
ITYM "data "maintained" in old debian/menu files with data maintained by the

> The burden was simply of accepting patches to provide the Debian trad
> menu file.  These patches are tiny and no maintenance burden.

> Well there is of course a nuclear option.  I don't have the effort for
> this, but, the nuclear option for trad Debian menu supporters would be
> to:
> * Package xdg-menu-convert but provide it with a mechanism that allows
>   a menu item to be placed differently in the xdg menu taxonomy to in
>   the trad taxonomy.
Isn't at this time obvious that there is no trad Debian menu supporters
willing or able to package xdg-menu-convert?

> * Find example packages which currently provide xdg desktop files but
>   no trad menu file, and for which there was a rejected bug report
>   containing a trad menu file.  (Best for packages which used to have
>   a trad menu file.)
Yes, it would be an interesting study to find such bug reports.


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