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Re: Bug#798476: Returning to the requirement that Uploaders: contain humans

One thing that is worth discussing here:

For how many teams would it bring real benefits if they no longer 
have to maintain team membership information in every source packages?

My guesstimate is that these might perhaps be 5 teams.

Why is my guestimate so low?

It only brings real benefits for teams:
1. that do not have a concept of package ownership inside the team, and
2. that maintain many packages.

Regarding the second point, there clearly is a real amount of work 
removing a person from the Uploaders of hundreds of packages.
But when a team maintains only 5 packages this is no longer a problem.

Regarding the first point, most large teams do have have the concept of 
package ownership inside the team. Sometimes with well-defined semantics 
regarding the differences between putting the team in Maintainer and the 
human in Uploaders, or putting the human in Maintainer and the team in 
Uploaders. For these teams it is no question that Uploaders is useful.

A reason why "generate Uploaders based on team member information 
stored in a core package of the team" sounds like a reasonable solution
to me is that I think a solution is required only for a handful large



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