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Improvement of sensible-utils


I have done some work for sensible-utils but I am a little stuck due
to lack of documentation/policy.

I want first to create desktop file for
sensible-editor/sensible-pager/sensible-browser in order to open from
firefox text file (fixing #780742).

The main problem is to exec this in a terminal or not depending of the context.

I propose first to solve #594942 and to implement sensible-x-terminal
first. This program will
exec $XTERMINAL if set, then if configured $SENSIBLE_XTERMINAL and
lastly choose the terminal according to desktop running (maybe using
xdg-open /proc/self/1 <<EOF heredesktopfile EOF) and fallback to

Then nano for instance will provide sensible-editor-nano that will use
library provided by sensible-utils in order to run nano under a
terminal if run under X.

What do you think ?


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