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apt-get dist-upgrade uninstalled most of KDE


I just upgraded my system (Debian sid with main, contrib, non-free) to
the most recent unstable version, running "apt-get update" and
"apt-get dist-upgrade".

Unfortunately, this uninstalled most of KDE, including
"plasma-desktop", "kde-plasma-desktop", "konsole",  and many packages
starting with "libkf5" and "libqt5".
I've enclosed the relevant part of /var/log/apt/history.log at the end
of this email.

The last "apt-get dist-upgrade" was from two days ago, so I suspect
some major change going with sid packages. Is it the case? Any ETA?

(Is there any way to undo the last apt-get? Unfortunately, I don't
have all the removed packages still in /var/cache/apt/archives)


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