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Re: DocBook 5 for Debian


On 2017-08-01 23:24:20 -0700, Paul Hardy wrote:
> Therefore, I propose filing ITPs for packages "docbook5", "docbook5-xsl",
> and "docbook5-xml".  The packages initially would be based on DocBook 5.1,
> unless DocBook 5.2 is finalized in the meantime.

FYI, docbook5-xml has existed for years, but is not up-to-date
(last updated in 2009).

I've just submitted


against emacs25-common as it contains an obsolete DocBook RNC schema.
IMHO, Emacs should use the schema provided by the docbook*-xml packages.

So, I wonder whether there should be some form of catalog system
for the schemas (/etc/xml/catalog is for the DTD's only). Now that
DocBook 5 has its own namespace, this should be more reliable than

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