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Re: [NLnet Labs Maintainers] Looking for new opendnssec and softhsm maintainer

On 31 July 2017, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> I am looking for a new maintainer for opendnssec and softhsm package.
> Honestly, I am not using neither, and it's quite hard to do a packaging
> when you don't use the packages in question, and I think the package
> suffer as a consequence, and I very much dislike that, so a new
> maintainer using the package and interested in improving the Debian
> packages would be great.

At NLnet Labs we prefer these open source packages are better maintained
by someone from within the (Debian) community.  It allows non-affiliated
persons to be more in-tune with the packaging method of the distribution
and are more free to make own choices.  We don't advocate a particular

Having said that, we have a natural interest that the maintenance
does not get orphaned.  I'm sure that one of us, on a personal
basis (i.e. outside of our organization control) would want to
volunteer, but only if there are really no other candidates and
for a transitional period.  Our organization allows for us to do
these kind of things, without NLnet Labs having any responsibility
or accountability in this.

But it would be a lot better for Debian as well to have others step in.

With kind regards,
Berry van Halderen

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