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Re: MBF for deprecating Python2 usage

> I think there should be one release which is not shipping
> /usr/bin/python before /usr/bin/python should be reused and pointed
> at python (>> 2). This should be good enough to get all scripts
> actively converted which are not part of the distribution.
> If that release is buster, we should require the use of python2
> instead of python now, document that in policy and provide a lintian
> check for that.

As an end-user of both Debian and Python, I do not think this timeline
is realistic, and I would request the following:

1) Do not remove the base Python 2.7 interpreter (that is, the
python2.7, python2.7-minimal, and python2.7-dev packages) from the
distribution until the release *after* its upstream end-of-life (with
the current schedule, that would be the first release in 2021).

2) Leave the full path /usr/bin/python and the bare command name
'python' referring to Python 2 and only Python 2 - no cleverness,
please - until that point.

3) After Python 2 is completely removed from the distribution, the
full path /usr/bin/python and the bare command name 'python' should be
reserved and unused for at least ten years.


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